Important Safety Instructions / Hazard Identification

Caution – Only plug the Touch Centre into a surge protected power source.

Electrocution Hazard/Fire Hazard –  Only plug the Touch Centre into a power source that is 120v, 60Hz and fused no greater than 15Amps.

Electrocution Hazard – Do not use the Touch Centre near any water source that could come in contact with the unit or its components.

Electrocution Hazard – Do not use the Touch Centre in a lightning storm or any other condition that could induce a surge of electricity.

Electrocution Hazard – Do not alter the electrical cord that is supplied with the Touch Centre. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding-type receptacle. A grounding receptacle has two blades with one wider than the other and a third grounding prong. The wide blade of the third prong is provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for the installation of an appropriate receptacle.

Electrocution Hazard – Do not plug the Touch Centre into a damaged receptacle.

Electrocution Hazard – Do not plug the Touch Centre into a receptacle if the supplied plug is damaged in any way. Contact customer service if the supplied plug is damaged in any way.

Electrocution Hazard – Do not stick any conductive materials (such as metals) into the cooling fins on the back of the unit.

Electrocution Hazard – Protect the power cord from physical or mechanical abuse. Such as, but not limited to being walked on, or crushed, or pinched in any way. Never cover the cord with rugs, mats or any other thing that would hide the location of the cord for someone walking near the Touch Centre.

Electrocution Hazard – To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not open the Touch Centre access panels at the rear of the unit.

Hazard – Keep the packaging out of reach of children.

Hazard – Only use the Touch Centre with the legs attached as demonstrated in the supplied assembly instructions

 Hazard – Do not sit on the Touch Centre, or place any heavy objects on it.  Do not exceed weights greater than 20lb / 9.07kg. Do not place children on the Touch Centre.

Hazard – Do not allow any impact shock or any objects to fall onto the Touch Centre.

Hazard – Only use attachments / accessories specified by the manufacturer.

Hazard – Only use the Touch Centre where there is proper ventilation and no airborne debris or dust. Do not cover the ventilation slots located at the rear of the unit in any way. The Touch Centre is only designed to operate between 32°F / 0°C and 86°F / 30°C.

Hazard – If you smell or see smoke, or other odors coming from the Touch Centre, unplug it immediately and contact customer service.

Hazard – Do not attempt to alter or modify this product in any way without written authorization from the manufacturer. Modifications or alterations can be extremely hazardous and would immediately void any warranty.

Caution – Do not use sharp objects on the Touch Centre glass surface. It will scratch if in contact with sharp objects.

Caution – Keep the Touch Centre out of direct sunlight.

Caution – Only clean using a damp cloth. If required, ring out the cloth after dipping it in a solution of dish soap and warm water to remove tough dirt from the screen surface.

Quick Start Guide – Initial Boot up Procedure

Please follow the steps below to get started:

Plug the unit into an appropriate receptacle and turn the power on.  The power button is on the underside of your Touch Centre in the location shown below.

Please note! There may be a slight time delay before the monitor/display powers on for the first boot up of your Touch Centre.  Subsequent start ups shall be approximately 15 seconds after the power button is depressed before the monitor powers up!

power up

After the Touch Centre boots into Windows 10 for the first time, you will see the following desktop.

start up

You then need to setup your wireless internet connection.  Please note:  Without a wireless internet connection, the Touch Centre software will not be accessible, and the features of the Touch Centre may be limited.   Please utilize Windows “Tips” tutorials to setup your wireless internet connection.  An icon has been placed on the desktop to access Windows Tips (see light bulb icon).

For the best user experience possible please ensure that Windows 10 is in “Tablet Mode”


Congratulations and Thank-You for purchasing the Touch Centre!  The Touch Centre, made in Canada by Multi Touch Digital Inc. is the next generation of home entertainment.  This multi user electronic system allows for 4 simultaneous users to experience up to 40 touch points in 1 to 4 separate screen zones.  The Touch Centre is ideal for electronic communication and home entertainment, whether searching the internet, engaging with social media/emails, watching your favorite movie and even enjoying the many options within the entertainment suite.  The Touch Centre enables the family to lean, play and enjoy together.  With its sleek design, the Touch Centre compliments any home décor.

To begin, tap on the Touch Centre software icon, which has fun games and applications!

Welcome Image

The first time you start Touch Centre you may be presented with a User Account Control dialog.  Please hit yes to allow this application to continue if this pops up.

You will then be presented with the Touch Centre application:

touch centre application

Included Games

 Air Hockey

air hockey

Use your finger to control the pad and try to shoot the puck into your opponent’s goal. The first player to reach 10 goals is the winner.

In four-player mode all players start with 10 points instead, and each goal scored against you reduces your points by one. The game ends when someone reaches 0 points and the player with the most points remaining becomes the winner.



liens is a shooter game set in space that you can either play alone or with up to five friends.

Aliens are raiding the galaxy and your goal is to shoot them down before they cause destruction.

Play through a wide range of levels with increasing difficulty as you progress through the game to try to earn the high score.

When several players are playing together you can both compete against each other for the best individual score as well as collaborate for the best team score.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the flying saucer for bonus points!



Bugs is a game where the goal is to merge bugs of the same species.

You merge bugs by encircling them with a line, created by dragging your finger. You must watch out though, they only merge if there are no other species inside the area.

Merged bugs combine into a bigger bug. The first player to only have one big bug left is the winner.



Bullseye is a 1 and 2 player shooting game. The player shoots at moving targets to score as many points as possible before the time runs out. To shoot, first touch the screen with one finger to create the bow. Then pull and release the arrow with another finger. In the single player mode, the closer your arrow is to the center of the target, the more points you receive. You receive more points when hitting the smaller targets.

You can also play against a friend/second player by selecting “2 Players” from the menu. In this mode, you use a slingshot with a pebble instead of a bow and arrow.



Cards is a casino influenced game where the goal is to create the best hand possible from the cards you have been given.

You pull the cards into your nest as fast as possible while trying to create a good hand.

The values for each hand is based upon Poker rules. You cannot steal your opponent’s cards so you must manage with the ones on your side.



The goal of Couronne is to be the first player to sink all the discs of your colour.

If your colour is green, you should try to sink all the green discs and avoid sinking any other colour discs.

With the cue, you shoot the black disc against any other discs, trying to sink your coloured discs in one of the four corner pockets.

If you accidentally sink the black disc, the next player picks one of your already scored discs and places it in the middle of the table.

You shoot by aiming and adjusting the power of the cue with one finger and then letting go. If you want to cancel a shot, simply let go of the cue over the black disc.

You can also adjust the starting position of the black disc before shooting by dragging it along the red line closest to your side.

If you sink a disc of your colour without sinking another coloured disc, you can shoot again.

You lose your turn when you sink a colour disc that is not yours.



Curling is a multi-player game where the goal is to flick a set of stones into the middle circles in order to get points.

Once a stone has been thrown it cannot be thrown again, though it can still be hit by other stones.

When all stones have been thrown the game ends and the player who has the highest number of points is the winner.



Deflector is a game in the same vein as Wong, except that instead of playing against another person your goal is to break all the blocks of each stage. There are 9 pre-made stages in total.



Draw is an application where users can show their artistic skills and save it on the computer.

To add your own stamps to the stamp tool, simply drop your .png images into the stamps folder located at INSTALL_PATH\bin\applications\Draw\data\stamps.

INSTALL_PATH is often by default the Program Files or Program Files (x86) on one of your hard drives, for example C: or D:, followed by Snowflake Suite, so for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Snowflake Suite\



This application allows you to play around with a drum kit.



Froggy is a fun game for up to 4 people playing at the same time. The aim of the game is to collect the highest score within the time-frame by jumping from leaf to leaf and eating flies.



FX showcases various particle effects. Select different particle effects via the side menus. Every finger will create a beautiful effect that was selected via the menus.



Gravitoy is a physics application where users can play around with physics, create shapes, play around with joints and change the gravity.

Simply create a shape by drawing it. When drawn lines cross, the shape will break and fall apart. All shapes that are drawn will interact with each other like real objects.

You can connect objects to each other using the Joint button in the corner menu. Simply press down on the Joint button and then drag your finger over the objects that should be connected.

The gravity of the sandbox can be changed with the gravity widget. The arrow indicates the direction and the bar shows the strength of the gravity. Change the gravity by pressing and dragging in different directions. The further away the finger is, the stronger the gravitation is.



In Labyrinth, players guide their disc from the start position to the glowing finish. Simply touch the disc and drag your finger to move it. But be careful, if you hit a wall, the disc will freeze briefly. Compete for the best times by completing the labyrinth as fast as possible.



Memory is the classic tile matching game. You play by selecting two tiles from the grid and if they match, they are removed.

The game is over when you match all tiles or when you run out of turns to play the game.



This application allows you to play around with a virtual synthesizer.

Piano comes with two rows of individually settable, tunable and recordable keys. The application comes pre-packaged with 3 different instruments: Bass, Grand Piano and Guitar.



Pinball is any arcade gamers dream. Score as many points as possible. Hit the different targets with the ball using the two flippers in the bottom. Tap the flippers to activate them.



Pong is a remake of the old classic game, with added multi-touch controls. Users can use their fingers to move the paddles. It is possible to curve the shot by hitting the ball with a moving paddle. First player to get 10 points is the winner.



Pool is the classic game almost everybody is familiar with.

There are three modes to play: 8-ball, 9-ball and Snooker, each with their own set of rules.

Start aiming the cue by dragging your finger within the dotted circle around the cue ball.

Adjust the power and aim of your shot and let go to shoot.

If you want to cancel your shot, simply place your finger above the cue ball and let go.

Players take turns in shooting the cue ball.

A player can continue to shoot as long as he pockets the correct ball.

A foul means your turn is over and the opponent gets to place the cue ball wherever he wants.

If you can’t see the number on or the colour of the ball, because of how it is rotated, then you can touch the ball and it will automatically reposition itself.



The Puzzle application lets the user select a puzzle image or video to be split into pieces, it is then up to the user to place the pieces in the correct layout in order to finish the puzzle.



Runway is a strategy game. The objective of the game is to draw paths for each plane to the correct runway, without letting any collisions happen.

The planes can only land in their matching colored runways. The player can change the path anytime during the gameplay.



Slots is a slot machine with virtual money. Choose how many wheels to use by dragging the two arrows on the slot screen. Bet money by dragging coins from the coin stack to the coin slot and spin the wheels by swiping them up or down.



Snowdoku is a winter themed game, where the user has to solve sudoku puzzles. Snowdoku allows for several people to join in, to solve puzzles together. The users can press the Hint button to get help with solving the puzzle.



Stacks is a stacking game where users compete against an opponent to stack objects to the designated height.

The stackable objects range all the way from squares to hexagons, all with different mass and attributes.



Tap is a reaction game where players have to press buttons that appear at random. When a button is pressed, it disappears and the player receives a number of points depending on how quickly after appearing it was pressed.

The game ends when there are twenty buttons on the screen at once.



In this game, you should Untangle the lines by moving the connection points.



Warp is a fun single and multi-player game that is about dodging enemies and outplaying your opponents.

You can play Warp with up to 4 players.

Instead of playing with friends, you can also play solo and try to beat the high scores.

Collect as many points as possible by circling enemies within your trail.

The more enemies you circle around simultaneously, the more points you will receive.

Simply touch your disc with a finger and you can start move it around by dragging it.

Be careful, you will lose a life if you hit an enemy.

Most of the enemies just wander around, but there are also more dangerous enemies that are harder to dodge.



Wong (comes from the words Wall Pong) is a multi-player twist on the arcade classic Pong.

In Wong, two players challenge each other to try to reach a score of 10.

In this fast paced and fun game, you have to use your paddles to precisely aim and bounce the ball behind your opponent.

You create your paddles by simply touching the screen with your fingertips.

But be careful, you can’t cheat. If you try to make paddles that are too long, the paddles will start to flicker.

This might result in the ball missing your paddles and your opponent getting a point.



Zong is a fun twist on Wong with the addition of obstacles, zones and pickups, as well as a 3/4 player option.

Zong can be played by up to four players simultaneously, so ideal to experience with friends.

The player with the most lives left, when one player lost all his/her lives, wins the game.

You can create paddles simply by touching the screen with your fingers in your assigned area.

Unlike Wong, you are limited to max 2 paddles per area.

Pickups are activated when hit by a ball.

Pickups can for example increase and decrease the paddle length and make balls stick to the paddle.

A pickup might also change the speed of the ball, adjust the movement of the ball or even split the ball into multiple balls.

Zones will alter the direction of a ball. Zones can also warp a ball to a completely different location.

Zones can surprise you, or can be used to your advantage.

The game starts with a single ball to bounce between the players.

The game ramps up in difficulty by randomly adding more balls over time and soon enough it will erupt in the crazy fun chaos that this multi-player action game brings.

Application Software



Annotate is opened by pressing the button in the corner menu with a small pen on it. Once open, the layer covers Snowflake with a canvas to make annotations.


Annotate also provides you with a set of buttons on the left side. The buttons are:



The color button pops open a set of colors when pressed. Simply tap a color to select it. The currently selected color is highlighted with a black circle.



Tapping the eraser, switches the current tool i.e. a pen/brush to an eraser. A small arrow will highlight that it is selected.



Switching this on changes the current tool from an eraser to a pen/brush. A small arrow will point at the icon when it’s selected.

New Note

new note
This button creates a new text note. Text notes are edited by a virtual onscreen keyboard that is automatically opened when a note becomes active for editing.

You can drag notes around, and you can tap them once to get buttons for additional actions for that note. The buttons are Edit (pen icon) and Delete (trashcan icon). If you press edit, that note gets highlighted and is then the current active note for the keyboard. If you press delete, you delete the note. If you tap the note again when the buttons are open they get hidden again.



Popup menu which has options for saving, clearing, loading, printing and emailing of the annotation.

The save option saves your annotation. Annotations are saved in a folder named “Annotations” in Snowflake Suite Folder inside Documents folder.

Open allows you to open a previous annotation, allowing you to view it as well as continue to draw on it. The open dialog is limited to your 20 latest annotations.

Clear clears out the current annotation. It will prompt you for confirmation before doing so, to try to ensure that no important work is lost by accident.

The Email button allows you to send your annotation image by entering an email address.

Please remember that you need to set up your email settings before you can use the email feature.


Close closes Annotate, allowing you to go back to interacting with Snowflake as normal.

Closing Annotate doesn’t clear the current annotation, so you can bring it back up again at any time and continue on the same annotation.



A multi-touch browser application that can be used to surf the web. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and drag to scroll the page. Browser also has the ability to view any PDF opened from a link directly in the browser. It also supports downloading files, any file downloaded is placed under Documents/Snowflake Suite/Downloads/.



You can bookmark a page by touching the star in the toolbar while viewing that page. If the star is filled the page is already bookmarked. All bookmarks can be viewed and opened by selecting the grid icon in the toolbar. To remove a bookmark, open the bookmarks menu and touch the small “x” in the top right corner of the bookmark.

Displaying flash applications

The Browser is capable of displaying flash applications as long as you have a compatible version of flash installed. You must select “Other browsers” in the version selection drop-down menu. Internet Explorer or Google Chromes versions of flash will not work.


Whiteboard is a creative ideation tool. You can use magnets and notes provided in the tools for discussion and memory mapping.

You can use your own image, PDF, PPT or video files as magnets by selecting “More…” in the magnets menu. This opens a file browser where you can select a file to add it to the board directly.

With the toolbar on the right, you can create and load multiple canvases in your session, which is great for when you are running out of canvas space, or if you want to jump between different canvases.


Zones is an app which leverages the multi-user aspect of the Touch Centre. Zones allows users to divide the Touch Centre interface in different layouts, so that multiple apps can be used simultaneously in different sections of the screen.

Zones in Corner Menu

As of Touch Centre 4.7.1, Zones is also accessible via the corner menu.

Swapping Zones

swapping zones

As of Touch Centre 4.10, you can swap an app running in zones with a different zone. Press the zone swap button in the apps corner menu and then touch the zone you wish to switch to.

Using your Touch Centre Like a Computer or Tablet:

Since your Touch Centre comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 Home, you have access to a plethora of software from the Microsoft Store and the internet.  But please note – the multiuser multi-touch hardware capabilities may be limited or non-existent for applications outside of the Touch Centre software.

While most any piece of Windows 10 compatible software will work with the Touch Centre, you will need to directly contact the company which developed any software you install for support.

For support of the Windows operating system, you will need to contact Microsoft directly.


What to do if there is no picture yet the computer is on?

  • The TV in the unit may be switched off. Using the TV’s remote, point it at the centre edge, above the black edge of the glass of the wide side opposite to where the computer is, then press the power button.

While running Touch Centre the Windows screensaver starts and the Touch Centre stops working.

  • This is usually caused by a conflict between Touch Centre and the screensaver, in case both applications are trying to access the hardware at the same time. It is advised to turn off the screensaver while running Touch Centre.

Where are my saved files from the Touch Centre applications?

  • They are all located in your Documents/Snowflake Suite/<name of Touch Centre application> folder.

Touch Centre Product Warranty

Before calling support, please go over the Touch Centre product documentation and frequently asked question, as service may be avoided.  If your problem is not resolved with the documentation, Customer Service may be reached at 1-844-680-8710, Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Canada Federal holidays observed.  You may also receive support from

When contacting customer support, please have the serial number of the unit as well as a detailed description of the problem.  The serial number can be located on the underside of the unit near the USB ports of the computer.

Limited Warranty

Your Multi Touch Digital Inc. Touch Centre will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the terms of this warranty, at Multi Touch Digital Inc.’s option, if it proves to be defecting in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period (“Warranty Period”) effective from the date of receipt of the original shipment destination of the Touch Centre.  This warranty is extended only to the original end-use purchaser (“Customer”), in good standing with Multi Touch Digital Inc. and shall not be extended to any other person or transferee.

Warranty Period

Parts and Labor: two years from receipt (“Proof of Delivery”) of Touch Centre(s), shipped (at the customer’s expense) to Multi Touch Digital Inc.  The Customer’s Touch Centre will be repaired or replaced, within a reasonable period of time, with a new, substitute model or factory reconditioned unit at Multi Touch Digital Inc.’s option.  If repaired, parts used in the repair may be new or remanufactured.  Replacement units and repair parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original Warranty Period.

Warranty Effective Date

The Customer’s Warranty Period begins on the date of receipt of the Touch Centre at the Customer’s location.  PLEASE KEEP PROOF OF DELIVERY as evidence of the receipt date.  The Customer will be required to submit a legible copy of Proof of Delivery when requesting warranty service.

Repairs or Replacement

Multi Touch Digital Inc. will pay for all parts and labor to repair or replace any component in the Touch Centre if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use.

The Customer is responsible for shipping the Touch Centre to Multi Touch Digital Inc. using Multi Touch Digital Inc. shipping material which will be shipped to the Customer.  Multi Touch Digital Inc. will pay for shipping if a Touch Centre product arrives at the Customer’s location damaged or is defective and is reported to Multi Touch Digital Inc. within the first 90 days.  The Customer is responsible for all duties, customs fees, taxes or related costs.  Multi Touch Digital Inc. will fix malfunctioning components, replace defectives parts, and pay to return the repaired or replacement Touch Centre to the Customer.  After 90 days, the Customer must pre-pay all shipping charges and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipping.

In cases where it is determined by Multi Touch Digital Inc. that an Intel workstation computer is defective, a certified Intel technician will be authorized to complete repair or replacement of the defective workstation computer.

Warranty Does Not Apply To:

  • Service required as result of improper installation including: incorrect or insufficient AC supply or custom enclosures. Please consult the documentation for power supply requirements.
  • Damage (including cosmetic damage), failure, loss or personal injury due to misuse, improper installation, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance and storage, and acts of nature and other causes beyond Multi Touch Digital Inc.’s control. Causes beyond Multi Touch Digital Inc.’s control include, but are not limited to, lightning strikes, power surges, power outages, dirty power and water damage.
  • Damage caused in shipping or transit, exclusive of originating shipment.
  • Repair or replacement of warranted parts by someone other than a Multi Touch Digital Inc. authorized service technician.
  • Improper supervision and maintenance of the Touch Centre at installed location.
  • Setup or adjustment of consumer controls or damage caused by improper adjustments to the Touch Centre.
  • Service issues or damage caused by other third party system components not included in the original purchase. This includes remote switching or control systems, audio or network addition or any other systems that interact with our stand-alone systems.
  • Improper or poor performance of custom or purchased software applications.
  • Damage caused by installation of unsupported device drivers. Please contact Multi Touch Digital Inc. to determine whether a device driver is supported.
  • Significant changes to the operating system including: installation of unsupported software, unsupported updates or patches (this includes TUIO or other unsupported touch drivers), introduction of viruses or malware, or other software related modifications that deviate from the factory settings and norms.
  • Damage caused through rental or lending of the Touch Centre to persons or commercial entities.
  • Lost, damaged, or misplaced accessories or peripherals shipped with the Touch Centre.
  • The cost of repair or replacement of the Touch Centre under these excluded circumstances shall be borne solely by the Customer.


Some provinces/territories do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on warranty duration, so the above exclusion or limitations may not apply to you.  This warranty gives the Customer specific legal rights and you may have additional rights that vary from province/territory to province/territory.

Return Policy


For orders placed through, please see  For orders placed through any other online site, please contact customer service through .

All returns must be done within 90 days from the date of receipt of the Touch Centre at the customer’s location.   The customer is responsible for shipping the Touch Centre to Multi Touch Digital Inc. using the original packaging and is also responsible for any shipping and insurance costs.  If the customer does not have the original packaging then Multi Touch Digital Inc. shipping material will be shipped to the customer at the customer’s expense.  The customer is also responsible for all duties, customs fees, taxes or related costs.  The customer will insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipping.  No refund will be processed for the customer if the Touch Centre does not arrive at its shipment destination or it is damaged during shipping.