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For Touch Center Coffee Table, High-Top Table or Commercial Kiosk

We anticipate that you may have questions or you need assistance with setup of your Multi Touch Display table. Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and your question might already be answered below. If you have checked out the page and your inquiry is not already answered please click here to navigate to our contact us page, or you can call us at 1-844-680-8710.

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100 simultaneous touch points

FAQ & Support

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What is Multi-touch technology?

Multi-touch is a technology that allows one person or multiple people to interface with touch-sensitive technology, usually a screen and application and/or game and to control their experience.

What type of computer is included?

Our minimum configuration is Intel® Core NUC i5-6260U processor 8GB of DDR4-2133 1.2V SO-DIMM RAM, 240GB Hard Drive, with Microsoft Windows® 10 and the Multi Touch Digital Inc. multi-user gaming application.

What is the operating system for the Touch Center?

The Touch Center currently operates under the Microsoft Windows® 10 environment.

What games can we use on our Touch Center?

The Multi Touch Digital Inc. Touch Center comes preloaded with software. There are 22 multi-player games including classic arcade style games such as Space Invaders, air hockey, Frogger, etc. There are 6 creative applications (like drawing, Drum kit, piano), 5 business apps (browser, separate media/pdf viewers, whiteboard and nodes) and Zones which splits the screen into 1,2 or 4 zones, where each user can run their own Touch Center software game/application.

Note: Not all games and applications are supported in multi-player environment.

Can I use Facebook or other social media apps on the Touch Center?

Yes. The Multi Touch Digital Inc. Touch Center operates using Microsoft Windows® 10 OS. Anything that you can do on the Microsoft Windows® 10 computer, you should be able to load on Touch Center. Simply load the application on a web browser using your wireless connection.

How strong is the glass?

Our glass material is high-technology, industrial capacity and scratch-resistant with enhanced ability to resist deep scratches that typically can weaken glass surfaces. Our 4mm multi-touch glass has been impact tested to withstand a 500g (+/-25g) dropped from 1.3M in height.

What happens if I spill anything on the table?

The Touch Center glass is very strong and can be cleaned with just a soft cloth and water. The table top is designed to prevent liquids and dirt from seeping into the cabinet.

Can I upgrade the processor?

As with any computer you can upgrade the processor and memory of the Touch Center. While taking care to protect the glass surface, simply flip the table over to access the cabinet and upgrade computer module.

Is there a remote control for Touch Center?

There is no need to use a remote control with the Touch Center. Just use the touch face surface to enter information and control the unit. The supplied remote will control sound volume.

What is the warranty for the Touch Center?

Our warranty is two years for all manufacturers’ defects. Do not return to retailer. Contact the support phone number first with any problems – (844) 680-8710.

How do I get service for my Touch Center?

First contact your retailer or call (844) 680-8710. If you have a question you can use the contact form.

How can I buy a Multi Touch Digital Touch Center?

You can purchase Multi Touch Digital Inc. technology products through our website or through Costco Canada. We will have more partners coming on board soon and will update our site.

How long does it take to get my Touch Center?

The Touch Center coffee table ships in 72 hours or three business days. Any delays will be communicated to you via phone or email.

Can I get a custom-sized Touch Center?

As the manufacturer, we do build custom-sized units. We can help if you have a unique application requirement, need multiple customized units and/or private labelling. Simply call our head office and ask for the Multi Touch Applications Department.

Help! My On Screen Keyboard is very small!

If your On Screen Keyboard is suddenly quite small, please download and install this fix.  To just restore graphics driver, use this.

Make sure to Run this:

Then when the Smart Screen shows up, select More info:

Then select Run anyway:

Select Yes at the User Account Control dialog box:

Then finally select Ok at the initial Setup dialog box:

Then be patient while this fix is applied to your system.