Thank-you for your purchase of your new Touch Centre!

If you are reading through these instructions, you have opened the larger box containing the Touch Center bezel assembly!  To get started, please review the following procedure for un-packing, and assembling your recently purchased Touch Center.

Click here to download a PDF of these instructions.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from here to view this file.

1. Unpack all components from the smaller box containing the bolt on leg components. Within this box you will find (1x) bolt on leg, (1x) bolt on leg with power cord, and (12x) M5 Cap screws.  All parts can be removed from their packaging and the packaging can be set aside.

2. Remove the corrugate lid section on the larger box containing the bezel assembly.

3. You will notice four stickers on the corners of the inner corrugate container stating “Tear Here”. Using your hands, tear all four corners of the container so that the sides of the carton will lay flat on the floor surface.

Step 3 Assembly & First Boot Up

4. You will now notice that the bezel assembly is encapsulated with foam end caps. On these foam end caps are the same “Tear Here” stickers.  Again, use your hands to tear where indicated on the foam end caps.  These end caps are designed to separate, allowing the installation of the legs prior to the assembly being removed from the packaging.  There will be 4 locations to tear per end cap.

Step 4

5. Unfold the pink colored foam sheeting material and lay flat on the floor.

6. With the underside of your Touch Centre bezel now exposed, you can begin to install the legs. Start by retrieving the leg component without the power cord, and (6x) M5 cap screws.  Install the leg onto the bezel side that doesn’t have the female power cord input and the female 110V plug receptacle.  Install all six pieces of hardware loosely by hand (not fully tightened yet!), taking extreme care that you don’t cross-thread the screws.  Once all screws are threaded, tighten with a 3mm Allen key (provided).  Caution!  Do not over-tighten!

7. Installation of the leg with the power cord is very similar to step # 6, except before securing the leg component to the bezel you must first retrieve the male power cord end from inside of the tube, and securely plug it into the female receptacle located on the corner of the bezel. Once the power cord is plugged in, slowly lower the leg onto the back surface of the bezel (Be careful not to pinch any wires!).  Then repeat the procedure for securing the leg to the bezel assembly as done in step # 6.

Step 7

8. Using a second person, lift the assembly from the carton, and flip the Touch Centre over Caution! Put as little side pressure on the legs when flipping the unit as possible!

9. Plug the Touch Centre into a standard 115V female receptacle and power the unit on using the power button on the underside of the bezel assembly. Please note, there may be a slight time delay before the monitor/display powers on for the first boot up of your Touch Centre.  Subsequent start ups shall be approximately 15 seconds after the power button is depressed, before the monitor powers up!

Step 9

10. Assembly complete!

After the Touch Centre boots into Windows 10 for the first time, you will see the following desktop.

Step 10You then need to setup your wireless internet connection.  Please note:  Without a wireless internet connection, the Touch Centre software will not be accessible, and the features of the Touch Centre may be limited.   Please utilize Windows “Tips” tutorials to setup your wireless internet connection.  An icon has been placed on the desktop to access Windows Tips (see light bulb icon).