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Touch Center Tables perfect for home, home office, engineering and trade events.

Engage your family, friends, colleagues, and prospects

Multi Touch Digital Touch Center

Engage your family, friends, colleagues, and prospects.

We invented our Touch Center to engage families, friends, colleagues, prospects and the public in a multi-user experience for fun, education and information sharing.

The Multi Touch Digital Touch Center is a device that allows for 1, 2 or 4 separate areas on a single table surface. That means that up to four people can use either a single application, four separate games or four different apps at the same time.

40 Simultaneous Touch Points

43” to 84” displays with patented touch sensor technology.

The Touch Center provides up to 40 simultaneous touch points utilizing 43” to 84” digital displays combined with patented touch sensor technology. The robust microprocessor combined with a Microsoft® Windows 10 Operating System provide audio capabilities, Bluetooth and internet connectivity as well as USB connections for email, social media, video sharing and a full online entertainment experience.


100 simultaneous touch points
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